1st Month | Baby Update


So here it is, one month postpartum and my life is almost unrecognizable… in the best way possible. My daughter was born on Jan 31, 2018 at 2:08 pm after a long 14 hours in labor. Everything went smoothly and we stayed the following two days at the hospital.


The first two weeks were exhausting to say the least. Emma would spend all night screaming and all day sleeping. Luckily, somewhere around week 3, her routine started to shift. We now have something that somewhat resembles a schedule and she’s sleeping somewhere around 5 hours a night.

Sleep deprivation was basically all I thought about the first two weeks. I know everyone tells you to sleep whenever the baby is sleeping, but I just couldn’t. My mom came by to help one day and it was the first time I got more than an hour of sleep.

PS: So far I haven’t really dealt with postpartum depression. I did have days where I would cry for absolutely no reason but I believe that was more of a hormonal thing.


Breastfeeding is something I knew I wanted to do even before I got pregnant. From the moment I got to the hospital, I made it known that I planned to exclusively breastfeed. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a lot harder than expected.

After my daughter was born, she latched on right away and I was able to breastfeed for a while. About two hours later, the nurse came in and reminded me to try again. My daughter would latch, but wouldn’t stay on longer than 5 minutes. Sometime later, my nurse started to get concerned about my daughters blood sugar levels because we were going on 4 hours without feeding. Because I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy (diet controlled), the doctor was concerned it would affect the baby. Long story short, I ended up supplementing with formula.

Its been a month now and she is mostly on formula, with a couple OZ of breastmilk here and there. I have had a hard time producing milk but I rather get whatever she can. Breastfeeding has been a challenge but I don’t plan on giving up just yet.


Even though I’ve had plenty of experience with children, nothing can truly prepare you for being a mom. Its been hard and testing but it has also been the best month of my life. I cant wait to see what’s to come…


See Ya Soon’

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